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Version: 2.0.0


Update an existing role.


ctx - The context of the request.
roleKey - The Key of the role. This can also be the role id.
roleUpdate - An object that contains the information about the new role. The payload is defined below.


Name - optional - The name of the role. Description - optional - Description string explaining what this role represents, or what permissions are granted to it.
Permissions - optional - List of action keys that define what actions this resource role is permitted to do.
Extends - optional - List of role keys that define what roles this role extends. In other words: this role will automatically inherit all the permissions of the given roles in this list.

roleUpdate := models.NewRoleUpdate()
roleUpdate.SetPermissions([]string{"resource-key:read", "resource-key:write"})


role, err := Permit.Api.Roles.Create(ctx, "role-key", *roleUpdate)