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Version: 2.0.0

PDP Statistics PDPs report some basic statistics to the API, and you can query that through the statistics API. API docs are available at

Using the PDP Statistics API

To get PDP statistics, simply use your existing API key to perform a GET request to{project}/{environment}/pdps

As with other APIs, the project and environment can be either IDs or keys.

The returned results will look like this:

"pdps": [
"id": "497f6eca-6276-4993-bfeb-53cbbbba6f08",
"org_id": "a40c5d1f-d889-43e9-94ea-b9b33585fc6b",
"project_id": "405d8339-3514-403b-8c43-83ae74cfe0e9",
"env_id": "3f967d0d-4d55-42f3-97c4-6a5455dfe4a6",
"first_seen_at": "2023-08-24T14:15:22Z",
"last_seen_at": "2023-08-27T18:39:46Z",
"active": true,
"data_updates_accepted": 9862,
"data_updates_average_retries": 0.0000506,
"data_updates_average_ms": 279.5198468,
"most_recent_data_update": "2023-08-27T18:38:12Z",
"pdp_version": "0.2.24",
"opa_version": "0.52.0",
"os_name": "Linux",
"os_machine": "aarch64",
"os_release": "5.10.104-linuxkit",
"os_version": "#1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Mar 17 17:05:54 UTC 2022"

OpenAPI spec

The OpenAPI configuration spec is available at