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Version: 2.0.0

Open-source Fallback

Permit OSS as fallback

While Permit is not an open-core company, many of its underlying components are OSS based. These allow for easier fallback option in migrating from Permit, reducing vendor lock-in , and tech stack mixins. Yes, you are reading right - we are actually explaining how to move away from Permit, if you choose to - we do hope you choose to stay with us of course-- but we want you to have all the choices.

Permit OSS foundations

The following is a list of key OSS items in Permit

  • OPAL is a key component in Permit's control-plane - it is what allows Permit to manage PDPs at scale with a zero-trust, real-time, event driven fashion.
  • OPA is a first class citizen decision-engine option powering Permit's PDPs
  • Cedar-agent is a first class citizen decision-engine option powering Permit's PDPs
  • The Permit SDKs - SDKs per language enabling API usage and wrapping calls from code to the policy-engines

Fallback Concept Guide

To migrate from Permit to a self made standalone solution one can follow the following steps:

  1. Use Permit's Gitops feature to sync all of the policies generated by Permit's policy-editor backend into a git repository - you now have code ready to run on your policy engine of choice which you can freely edit.
  2. Setup your own control plane based on OPAL to act as a replacement to Permit's control plane
  3. Setup PDP container images with OPAL-client and your policy-engine of choice
  4. Create your own SDK, or use Permit's SDKs in a passthrough mode - talking directly to the policy engines within the PDPs
  5. (Extra) Build back-office / customer facing interfaces you need to consume on-top, as API or UI - to provide management