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Version: 2.0.0

SuperTokens and Permit

Permit x SuperTokens

Launching the Demo Application 🚀

Please follow the below steps to run this demo.

Complete the onboarding with

You need an account with Permit to copy and pass your API Key into the Permit instance. Navigate to the onboarding process that will run you throught he basics of using permit step-by-step.

Install the current project dependancies

npm install

Start the App

npm run dev

Once the app starts, navigate to localhost:3000.

Run the Policy Decision Point (PDP)

docker run -p 7766:7000 --env PDP_DEBUG=True --env PDP_API_KEY=<YOUR_PERMIT_API_KEY> permitio/pdp

Make sure to replace the API Key with your own.

Enjoy the demo!

If you would like to see the demo in action, below is a webinar we did, with the above example shown.

Demo Visuals

SuperToken Sign In / Sign Up Screen

Permit x SuperTokens Policy Editor

Permit x SuperTokens

User viewing their own account (as Admin)

Permit x SuperTokens