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Version: 2.0.0

Multiple Policy-Engine Support, unlike other permission services, supports multiple policy engines and languages. This support is enabled via Permit's policy-editor (which generates policy as code in multiple languages) and via OPAL which can manage multiple agents.

OPA and Rego

The first engine supported by Permit, a popular CNCF graduated project.

OPA PDP Deployment diagram


Cedar-Agent and Cedar

Cedar is an open-source engine and language created by AWS. Cedar agent is an OSS project from - which provides the ability to run Cedar as a standalone agent (Similar to how one would use OPA) which can then be powered by OPAL. Cedar agent is the easiest way to deploy and run Cedar.

Cedar PDP Deployment diagram

Cedar PDP

Permit-Cedar Early Access with Cedar is open to the public in early-access - to secure your spot and to start having generate and manage Cedar code for you, fill out this form, or reach out to us in our Slack community (#cedar channel).


Additional support for more policy languages and engines is coming soon. Join our Slack community to learn about and suggest more