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Version: 2.0.0

Permit's Integration Flexibility

Integrate Permit with any Authentication Provider

As part of the whole IAM flow, as well as Authorization, Authentication too plays an important role in the process.


Permit integrates flawlessly into ANY Authentication provider on the market as long as they can issue a JWT (JSON Web Token). Most providers make use of this standard for encrypting user information.

While using any Authentication provider and the JWT they provide, you are able to extract the unique ID of the current user, along with other information like their email and name - and easily sync that information into Permit, or check agains the unique ID.


We provide the SyncUser function for all our SDK's.

All of this process usually happends at the handoff point; or in other words a middleware function - making sure that both the AuthN and AuthZ solutions are aware of the same user.

Please feel free to explore the following available examples of Authentication solutions working with Permit. We will be adding more example integrations as time goes by.