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Version: 2.0.0

Manage Policy Life Cycle

Permissions sprawl, the proliferation of access permissions and controls across an enterprise, can create complexity and security risks. Permit offers a few solutions to address this concern and ensure that rules, guardrails, and controls are consistently satisfied for all projects or within specific categories or lines of business (LOB).

Using CI Flow for Managing Permissions

One of the recommended approaches for managing the policy life cycle, including permissions sprawl, is to leverage a Continuous Integration (CI) flow. This method allows you to merge policies from a baseline policy into various environments while ensuring consistency and compliance. Here are the key ways to achieve this:

1. Via the API using the Copy env option

Using Copy env via the API allows your to:

  • Selectively merge changes from the baseline environment to specific end-environments.
  • Customize permissions and controls based on the needs of individual projects or LOBs.

2. Via the Terraform Provider

Using the Terraform Provider we can:

  • Implement changes as Terraform configurations, providing a code-based approach to managing the policy life cycle.
  • Merge changes seamlessly across environments to maintain consistency.

3. Via Gitops

Gitops enables us to:

  • Edit and merge policies directly as code in a Git repository.
  • Leverage version control and collaboration features for managing the policy life cycle efficiently.

Future Enhancements

In the near future, we plan to enhance the user experience by offering these permission management flows directly through our UI. Our policy editor will empower you to define and implement meta-policies effortlessly, streamlining the process of ensuring consistent rules and controls across your enterprise.

By adopting these methods and looking forward to upcoming UI enhancements, you can effectively manage the policy life cycle, maintain security and compliance, and optimize your organization's overall workflow.