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Version: 2.0.0

Configure your obtained JWKs in Permit

In order to start using the Frontend-Only Authorization (FoAz) feature offered by Permit, you need to add your obtained JWKs (JSON Web Keys) to the current environment for which you will be enforcing access and sending API calls directly from the frontend.

It's very simple to add the JWKs you have obtained into Permit.

1. Navigate to the Settings from the left hand navigation panel in the Permit dashboard

Navigating to Settings

2. Click on the JWKS Config

JWKS Config

3. Select the environment you want to configure and add your JWKs

Select Environment

Paste your whole JWKS object inside the JSON editor

JSON Editor

The object you paste in should look something like the example below, where kid is the unique identifier for the JWK.

"jwks": {
"keys": [
"alg": "RS256",
"kty": "RSA",
"use": "sig",
"n": "****",
"e": "****",
"kid": "****",
"x5t": "****",
"x5c": [