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Audit Logs

Knowing who has done what in your application is critical for multiple reasons, including security, compliance, debugging, and even just plain old monitoring. Audit logs are a great way to track who did what, when, and why! They are a useful tool both for you and your team as the maintainers of your application, but also your end-users, who want to track their own usage and actions within the app.

Automatic Generation

As powers your application, you are getting automatic audit logs. Enforcement points, along with resource and action definitions, and user/tenant configurations automatically come together to generate the full picture needed for an audit log entry.

Types of Audit Logs

There are two types of audit logs:

  • Basic audit logs - these are the basic logs detailed above
  • Decision Logs - more in depth logs reflecting "why" the policy engine made a decision

How to view Audit Logs in Permit Dashboard

Navigate to the Audit Log Screen in the Dashboard.

Audit Log Screenshot Audit Log example with 2 lines in which asked to perform the actions list and delete on the resources task and document and was approved.

How to see more details about each Authorization decision?

If you hover on the thumb up icon under the decision column, you will see the reason the user is allowed or denied. For example, in the image below, is allowed to list the task because he has the admin role.

Audit Log permitted hover Screenshot