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A tenant is a group of users that share a common organizational identity. Usually, each tenant will represent one of the end-customer companies in your product (i.e. the company that you sell to). Through the tenant feature we enable you to have multi-tenancy straight out of the box.

Single Tenant Mode

You can pass a tenant identifier for every permit.check() call you perform, but for cases where you have a single tenant, you can use the tenant parameter in the SDK init() to specify the tenant to be used as a default. This can also be useful in multi-tenancy scenarios, where you have a default global organization people belong to.


Users are nested under tenants.
Each user can be associated with multiple tenants.

Adding a new tenant

To add a new tenant, click on the "Add Tenant" button Add Tenant

Then, fill in the name of the new tenant and click on the "New Tenant" button Add Tenant

Switching between tenantns

To switch between tenants, click on dropdown arrow and choose the tenant

Add Tenant