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Version: 2.0.0

Features - Coming Soon! 📅

There are so many experiences needed for common access-controls in products, and we are making our best efforts to add the incredible features step-by-step.

Below are a few of the features we are currently working on.

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Current Approved Features 🔑

API Key Management

Access to your product shouldn't be limited to humans. With this feature add API Key Management to your product with ease, and enable your developers to create, rollout, delete and assign different permissions for different API Keys, providing secure developer access.


More often than not, you need to see your application with the eyes of your users. Impersonation provides an easy to use "view as" capability.

Permission Requests

Allow your users to request permissions to features, resources or other assets they don't have access to. Manage requests across the application in your back-office, and allow users with the correct permissions to approve those requests.

Approval Flows

Access shouldn't be flat - protect critical paths with approval flows. Require users to ask for additional approval from their team as part of a process (e.g. manager approving employee submissions).

Do you need or want to suggest a feature? We want to hear from you!

💬 Slack Community

The easiest way to reach out to us is via our Slack community - you're welcome to join, ask questions, and see what others are asking / working on.

📧 Email & Zoom

Do you have a more specific question? You can reach out to us via classic email at Want a deep dive with our team? You can even schedule a Zoom call with us.